Child Custody & Support

When you get a divorce, one of the most challenging aspects of the separation is determining child custody and child support. You want what is best for your children, and you want them to live in a stable environment where their emotional and physical needs are met.


At the Law Firm Of Dykeman & Rosenthal, we can assist with all child custody and support cases. If you believe that you should be the primary custodian of your children, we can compile evidence that will show the court that your children’s needs are best met with you. If you have a former spouse who is not meeting their child support obligations, we can assist you in collecting the funds you need to care for your children.


Alternatively, if you are the former spouse responsible for paying child support, we can ensure that the child support payments that are ordered by the court are fair and leave you with enough of your hard earned money to pay for the things you and your family need.


We understand the complicated and emotional nature of child custody and support issues and are dedicated to standing by you from start to finish. We have your children’s best interests in mind and will do everything possible to ensure that the court’s rulings are in their favor.


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