Head, Brain & Spinal Cord Injuries

Head, brain and spinal cord injuries are some of the most serious types of injuries that a person can sustain. Any of these injuries can be critical or fatal, and if the victim survives, life for that person and their family will be changed forever.


Head and brain injuries can cause personality changes, speech problems, chronic headaches, memory loss, depression and anxiety, and disability among other things. Spinal cord injuries can cause permanent disability, chronic pain, and loss of control over bodily functions. Any of these injuries require extensive medical care, physical and/or speech therapy, hospitalization and medications. Most people aren’t prepared to cover these costs and even if you are, it doesn’t mean you should have to.


At the Law Firm Of Dykeman & Rosenthal, we understand how different life can be after being injured, and we are committed to fighting for your right to receive the full and fair compensation you deserve. Our goal is to see you awarded with the maximum financial restitution available in your case and will go the extra mile to see that it happens. Regardless of whether you have suffered from a brain injury, a head injury or a spinal cord injury, we understand how serious it is.


Don’t let the insurance company offer you a settlement that is significantly less than what you should be getting for your injuries, pain and suffering. When you have an experienced personal injury attorney at your side, you are almost guaranteed that you will be awarded more than what the insurance companies offer you.


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