During and after a divorce, child custody issues remain at the forefront of separation issues. If you are the primary custodian of your children and you feel that your children are not safe with your former spouse, you may be concerned about the visitation rights your former spouse will get.


Alternatively, If you are not the primary custodian of your children, you may be concerned that you will not be allowed to see your children as often as you’d like, or that you may be denied visitation all together.


At the Law Firm Of Dykeman & Rosenthal, we understand that visitation issues are emotionally charged, and that what ultimately matters most is the welfare of the children involved. We are committed to ensuring that the emotional and physical needs of the children are met, and we truly have their best interests at heart. We know you do too.


We can assist you in petitioning the court for a visitation schedule that works for you and allows you the time you want to spend with your children, or one that keeps them from being put in a harmful environment when they are away from you. No matter what type of visitation issues you are having, we can help.


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